Sunday, 1 November 2009

Home renovation tips -The first step is the most important

Building an addition on your home, replacing windows, a bathroom upgrade or even  just painting your home usually begins as a positive experience. The successful and happy home owners always have one thing in common. They took the first step carefully. They interviewed at least three  prospective contractors or tradespeople, actually checked their references, compared all aspects of the quote and usually did not accept the cheapest one.

 Perhaps my dad's advice,"Don't pay the full balance of the bill until every part of the work is complete no matter how small," will save you lots of emails and phone calls begging your installer to return!!

 Another  one of my clients shares a great tip. She resists pressure to leave a cheque, always coming home and inspecting all of the completed work and also always waits until her partner inspects it also before writing the cheque. She's a happy renovator.

See Get it in Writing  for great tips. Send us yours.

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